We are glad to Introduce to you Furniture Plus

                            Furniture Plus was established in 2014 to become the largest Office Chair, Executive Chair , Staff Chair all type , Office Modular Furniture Manufacturers in pune  and get them delivered to your office with our express delivery options. Understanding our clients’ needs is paramount in order for us to deliver a project on time and on budget and therefore we take pride in our customer liaison and relationship building in order to get to know and understand our customers’ needs and expectations.Some of the products we offer are office chairs, manager’s chairs, meeting room chairs, office desks, boardroom tables, reception counters, pantry furniture, and sofas.We welcome the opportunity to meet with you and allow us to better understand your office furniture requirement and for you to get to know more about us.

Our Mission

At Furniture Plus, we believe that having the right office furniture can make a significant impact on the productivity and well-being of employees. Therefore, our mission is to provide high-quality, comfortable, and aesthetically appealing office furniture solutions to our clients at competitive prices. Our vision is to become the leading office furniture supplier in Pune and surrounding areas, known for our exceptional quality, reliable service, and customer satisfaction. This section will appeal to visitors who are interested in learning about the company’s values, goals, and objectives. It highlights the company’s commitment to providing office furniture solutions that enhance employee productivity and well-being, while also stating its aspirations to become a recognized industry leader. These factors may help visitors feel more confident and trusting in the company’s services and reliability.

Discover What Our Clients Say About Us

“It is worth every single rupee u invest for it . The mechanism is perfect . The wheels move around freely without restriction and the hydraulic also works , it provides really comfortable back support keeping your posture straight when working in front of computer. Me being a heavy critique for office chairs , I would say you should definitely trust and buy it blindly..”
Deepak Memane
“The quality of the product is good. It is a DIY product and assembling was simple. Initially, I was a bit hesitant to order the product because of the assembling part. I even ordered a service request for assembling. But when I received the product, I got it assembled easily and it took me 20 minutes. Happy to have Green soul Chair. Looks great, slim, and very comfortable.”

Pote kishor
“The Wonderful Office Chair exceeds expectations with its ergonomic design and plush cushioning. Its adjustable features ensure personalized comfort, modern style to any workspace. Durable construction promises long-term support, making it a comfort and aesthetic appeal in their office chair. Highly recommended for those looking to elevate their workspace experience.”
Vittal Memane

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