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Bar chair , Apple Cushion Bar Chair

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Metal Bar Chair, Cushion Chair Fix

Model No  : FP- BC 30

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Adjustable High Curvy Barstool/Kitchen Chair Suitable for Counter,

Cafeteria, Dining, Pubs, Office, Shops, Café, Reception, Waiting Area 

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List Price       : 10900

Your Price    : 4500

One year warranty Wheel & haydrolic

Color          :


About this item

  • LUXURIOUS VELVET UPHOLSTERY: Nutech Decor Velvet Counter Stools redefine luxury with their plush velvet upholstery. The soft and inviting texture not only enhances comfort but also adds an element of opulence to your kitchen islands or dining spaces.
  • SUPPORTIVE ERGONOMIC DESIGN: Experience optimal comfort with the thoughtful design that includes a supportive back and strategically placed footrest. Whether you’re enjoying a quick meal or engaging in lengthy conversations, these counter stools prioritize ergonomic support.
  • CONTEMPORARY DESIGN STATEMENT: These counter stools serve as a contemporary design statement, embodying modern aesthetics. The sleek and stylish profile makes them more than just seating; they become a focal point that enhances the overall visual appeal of your living spaces.
  • VERSATILE DINING SOLUTION: Ideal for both casual family meals and hosting gatherings, these counter stools transcend traditional seating, providing a perfect balance of functionality and elegance. Make every dining experience more enjoyable with these versatile and chic additions.
  • SPACE-EFFICIENT STACKABLE DESIGN: With a stackable design, these counter stools offer versatility without compromising on space efficiency. Easily adapt them to various settings, from the kitchen to the bedroom or office, and transform your living spaces effortlessly.
  • LATEST DESIGN TRENDS EMBODIED: Stay on trend with Nutech Decor. These counter stools epitomize the latest design trends, ensuring your home reflects contemporary aesthetics. Keep your living spaces fresh and stylish with furniture that stays ahead of the curve.
  • CRAFTED WITH PRECISION: Nutech Decor’s commitment to quality is evident in the precision and attention to detail applied in crafting these counter stools. The fusion of soft textures, modern design elements, and practical features reflects superior craftsmanship.
  • TRANSFORMATIVE SEATING EXPERIENCE: Elevate your home with Nutech Decor Velvet Counter Stools, where each seat becomes a luxurious retreat. These stools offer a transformative seating experience, creating a perfect balance of comfort and style in your living spaces.


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